Where have you been all this time?

By Bereket Aweke

This is what happened at Bluebird School while giving our training to over 70 teachers on Monday. An inspired teacher came to us in the break time and told us this story.

“A man had a wife and she was mean. She let him do everything and she does nothing. After sometime his wife passed away and he had to marry another woman. In contrast, this woman was so humble and whenever he tried to do the chores his late wife made him do, his now wife says no and he was frustrated; so, he beat her. His wife was confused and asked why?

He said,” Where have you been all this time?”

The moral of the story, the teacher continued, we were looking for such training for so long and never knew existed. Now, meeting you today, we ask you “where have you been all this time?”

This is what inspires the Think Africa team, to see inspiration, hope and a sense of purpose in the teachers, students, parents and school owners we train.

We will continue to serve more teachers and more lives in the future.