US Embassy Addis Ababa Entrepreneurship Workshop Reflection

By: Bereket Aweke

Letter of Appreciation to Bereket Aweke

I was honored to present on the monthly entrepreneurship workshop organized by the US Embassy in Addis Ababa.

Here is some of the reflection from delegates the workshop “Self-Management Skills for Improved Business Performance” .

“I think that Bereket was a charismatic, engaging speaker and he expressed ideas well. However, although he did explain why he didn’t give “Ethiopian examples”, I believe that if the content was tailored more locally and addressed local issues that would have been more beneficial. We can find examples of international companies and their road to success stories online, but I believe that what we are missing is local stories and how to navigate the local culture. As you know business doesn’t follow traditional methods in Ethiopia and we would all appreciate insights on how to navigate those murky waters! “Sara Sem, Desta For Africa Creative Consulting PLC (DFA)

“Last Tuesday’s workshop was inspiring and highly informative.  I found Ato Bereket’s method of evaluating our strength and weaknesses to being highly insightful on understanding our own habits. Teaching someone how to think is truly the method that will empower our children and create a powerful work force and society.  This method will change scarcity in to an opportunity of creating abundance. Focusing on the solution instead of the problem. Now even though shortage of time would not have allowed it, it would have bin great if we got an insight on how to apply this on problematic situations that arise with our employees or others outside of work. Simple problem examples that would give us an insight on first how we could train ourselves to pause from our habitual reaction and think and act in an empowering way, to second help the other to shift his or her thinking method from waiting for instruction to being part of the solution. Please let Ato Bereket know that we truly appreciate his work. His business consultancy method will truly place a company on the right track on empowerment. I look forward to hiring his firm in the near future.” Mahliet Tadesse, Amelsa Mar Tej

“It indeed was an interesting and relevant training. I would like to give my positive comment and appreciation for the workshop subject and the presentation methodology as it was very clear, to the point and useful.” Emebet, Entoto Beth Artisan

“Mr. Bereket has a great scene presence He was engaging and has a unique ability to convey his message and relate to his audience. He delivered the message successfully and used examples very well to reinforce concepts. He was articulate and well-spoken which made it easy to follow the presentation and i thought the content was relevant to the audience. For future presentation I recommend Mr. Bereket considers incorporating roll play into his presentation. This could help to break the monotony of a presentation and involve the audience more effectively.” Stefanos Ghebrehawariat

“Yes, Bereket, your presentation was wonderful, I hope you will add more. thanks, Pls let me say a word, your first image on top of persistence, is  a plant called dandelion (medicinal plant) , that plant is one of the supper immunity booster of this world. I wonder how you put it to explain persistence,  Good-luck” Bekelech Tola

“I appreciated and enjoyed my participation at the Self-Management skills for improved business performance workshop.  Indeed the workshop was thought provoking and very much relevant not only for business managers but also for daily life be it social or economic.I was very much impressed by Mr. Bereket’s presentation and the depth to which he knows his materials and how well-read and well-rounded he is.  He is a true motivational speaker and a good teacher.” Salem Kassahun;  Salem’s Ethiopia PLC

“Our only recommendation is to record the event and share it on YouTube and through your social media. This type of information should be shared to as many people as possible. I appreciate his presentation and his approach of bettering the business environment.” Aida Muluneh