Think Africa recommends “The Rules of Parenting” book

Ever wonder if your child should have come with instructions? Shouldn’t someone with far more wisdom and experience than you be charged with raising this child? I know that there have been many times in my parenting career that I had those feelings.

Richard Templar, a well known author, continues his “Rules” series with The Rules of Parenting. In the style of his earlier books The Rules of Life, The Rules of Work, The Rules of Love, and more, Templar tackles the sensitive subject of being a successful parent. The Rules of Parenting includes 100 rules in ten subsets for raising happy and confident children.

I read a lot of parenting books and have generally found a few nuggets of truth that not only resonate with me but would have real value if I put them into more consistent practice. In The Rules of Parenting, those nuggets were found on almost every page. Tackling tough parenting issues like effective discipline, children with challenging personalities, bullying issues, managing through crises and dealing with adult children were part of The Rules of Parenting.

The book is easy to read and includes vignettes from the parenting experiences of the authors and others, so a parent can relate to the realities the book addresses. Because it consists of 100 rules (about 2 pages each), it can easily be read in sections. In fact, if you are feeling a special need for any section, just reading the ten rules in that part might be all you need.

Taken from: Review of The Rules of Parenting