THE HELICOPTER BUSINESS VIEW… Should Africa be in your Plans?

By: Roger Harrop,The CEO Expert

I’m just back from a great first visit to speak in Ethiopia.Did you know Ethiopia is the second most-populated country in Africa with 92 million inhabitants, It’s expected to be the third-largest consumer market on the continent by 2020 and has had over 8% GDP growth every year in the past five years? –  and, by the way, it’s the only country in Africa never to have been colonised…..I held a seminar organised by the excellent Think Africa Business team for Chairmen, Presidents and CEOs of large banks, oil companies and insurance companies – for which I got a great response – so I’m back to run some Masterclasses in the autumn.What is also exciting about Ethiopia is that Addis Ababa is regaining its status as one of the

centres for jazz in Africa. I managed to get along to the famous Jazzumba Jazz Club  and it was superb.Back to business though – Africa is looming large for me this year – I was in Johannesburg in February and I’m back  in South Africa in August together with a first opportunity to speak in Botswana  and then later in the year I’m expecting to working in Mozambique, Malawi and possibly Nigeria.So – should Africa be in your plans? – the answer of course is, yes it should.The economies of Africa are growing faster than any other. It’s got the largest workforce, the youngest population and there are signs right across the continent that things are changing dramatically. A third of the continent’s 54 countries have witnessed annual GDP growth of more than 6% over the last 5 years, whilst six of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies are sub-Saharan. Debt and inflation are falling and political stability is on the rise.There are some surprising statistics – would you believe the second-highest champagne sales in the world are in Nigeria! Mobile penetration in Africa will be 84% next year and Google and Microsoft are working hard to use the ‘white space’ unused by television channels to bring broadband to the entire continent. Don’t forget also they are very close to finding oil in Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.The World Bank recently said:“Africa could be on the brink of an economic takeoff much like China was 30 years ago and India 20 years ago.”

You should be there!Earlier this year I worked with the CEO of a business in Leeds designing and supplying building fire alarm and security systems and he was telling me that they’ve started doing good business in Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast. He was surprised how straightforward it was and how well it went – so much so they’re now targeting expanding further across Africa.Should you be thinking about doing the same?Away from Africa, I’ve must tell you about one or two other things I’ve been doing since my last newsletter:I was very privileged to be chosen give the Sir Hugh Ford Management lecture at The Institution of Mechanical Engineers earlier this year on “The Business of Engineers”.I’ve recently returned from speaking to around 40 members of the Sales Master Minders Groupbased in Galway on west coast of Ireland. What a simply fabulous part of the world that is!I had a fascinating visit to the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry run by Dr. Clive Hickman. This is a world-class facility for the development and application of manufacturing technology and is supported by some of the most prstigous, global, high tech companies in the world. They are doing quite remarkable things with technologies like ‘additive technology’ (3D printing to you ans I) and hot isostactic pressing (HIP) for example, and they really are leading the world. There are four similar government-supported world class technology centres around the country.It’s really great to see just how in the forefront Britain’s manufacturing industry is today – despite what the press like to tell us! Finally, I wanted to share with you that I’m writing a new book: “Win – How to Succeed in the New Game of Business”

It’s due to be launched in the autumn and it’s built around two Masterclasses of mine that have, frankly, received such great feedback everywhere I’ve run them: 

‘Win With the New Basics of Business’  and‘Creativity, Technology, Speed and Change’ that I just had to write a book!It is going to unique in offering massive multi-media added value bonus by way of QR codes and its an App to bring you interactive business health checks, videos, animation, white papers and an awful lot more – all in the price of the book!Now –

here’s the deal:I plan on giving away just 30 complementary copies of the book to recipients of this newsletter. In return I’m asking for just one thing:  For you  to Tweet about the book (good or bad!) six times in the first three months.If you are interested in this – or would just like to pre register to buy a copy of the book please do so here.One last thing I thought you’d like to know that in reponse to requests from Clients and delegates I’ve launched a new Masterclass:

Present and Pitch for Profit– increasingly vital skills for any business leader and most of us get it wrong!I hope you enjoy this newsletter and find it valuable.

 Thankyou for your support!

Roger Harrop

PS. As a taster for what’s to come you may already be familiar with The Change House model I use – and that everybody seems to love. Well as one of the multi-media bonus items that will come with the book here’s an animation with the things people say in each of the rooms. Enjoy!