Tecno Mobile: Creative Communication for Profitablity

Once again Think Africa collaborated with Tecno Mobile Ethiopia to deliver a one day training on “21st C Creative Communication” specially tailed for marketing,sales and promotion.

The training focused on  how to gain and grow sales – how to gain and grow customers and how to really manage sales people effectively using 21st C communication tools. The expected outcomes of the training include

•  Improve collaboration and team spirit
• Think about their Revise (refresh) the basics of sales/promotion
• Learning from each other’s rich experience
• How to make Techno lead the market

TECNO was the first dual SIM mobile phone brand to hit the market in Africa, and staying true to the maxim “think globally, act locally”, TECNO has achieved great success in translating advanced technology into superior localized products. TECNO puts heavy consideration on the customers experience and endeavors to provide the customer with the most suitable products for their environment by adopting the latest innovative technology.

TECNO possesses a comprehensive product portfolio, which includes all levels of mobile phones, including feature phones and smartphones. With an R&D center in France, TECNO designs the highest level products with only one target — to give consumers the best product at the best price.

TECNO mobile phones have been highly favored by consumers due to their high quality, powerful recreational function, high-performance in Internet experience and an excellent service support network. With its brand philosophy, it is no surprise that TECNO is not only the fastest-growing mobile brand in Africa, but also one of the top three mobile phone brands, a position it has achieved in a mere 5 year period.

By: Bereket Aweke