Pathways to Thinking Schools Book

Chapter Contributed by Bereket Aweke,

60992_9781412998697“Pathways to Thinking Schools” book that Bereket Aweke (Think Africa General Manager )co-published a chapter, is now released by Corwin Press.In this book, Bereket ,depicts his journey on its effort to improve education and focus on thinking skills development in Ethiopia. Here you can read part of that chapter and if you want to read more you can download the whole chapter below.

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Robert Price and Bereket Aweke

Thinking Schools Ethiopia ( is a growing collaborative project, with the different pathways of Robert Price and Bereket Aweke coming together as common journey. These paths were begun 12,000 kilometers apart, yet now travel close together in ideas and ideals of educational thinking. Our story is unfolding as we write, a story emerging from an ancient, historic land and a country that pushes to consciously shape its own future through progressive, generational change in the beginning years of the 21st century. There seems no time to lose in Ethiopia and in other rapidly developing countries around the world. This is also a story of educational change happening in an unlikely place (from the western world perspective), yet a powerful historical lesson and model in a time of transformational education change worldwide. Ultimately, as with the vision of Thinking Schools, it is an opportunity for multidirectional change as we have learned from each other and as countries such as the United States can learn from the experiences and exchange of ideas in Ethiopia. Download the chapter here: