Making Teaching Active

By: Bereket Aweke

As we enter more in to the 21st century, we have now better understanding of how teaching should be carried out effectively. This revelation is a result of many years of research in the field of education and the ever rapid technological advancement that is revolutionizing everything that we do.

21st Century is different….I understand all the centuries we have had are different. But, the fact that we are witnessing a rapid transformation in information technology, social media and break through brain researches have made a significant impact in education. From the many findings, making teaching active, engaging, interesting  and promoting curiosity play a pivotal place in any succesful education system.

Think Africa in collaboration with Abem  Academy, one of our quality committed schools, organized a one day training on ” Teaching in the 21st C with Active learning methods”. The training focused on addressing the developments in 21st C teaching and the different methods to make once class room active. In doing so, students will be alert throughout the class which will increase retention immensely.

Moreover, the following additional objectives were also covered.

  • Expanding student understanding in core subjects beyond minimal mastery
  • Using 21st century skills to understand and address global issues
  • Provide students ways to see the connections between their school work and their lives outside the classroom.
  • Learning and thinking skills ,Information & Communication skills
  • 21st Century Assessments