Great training to great schools in Addis and Hawassa!

Think Africa is honored to spend an extraordinary time with a number of schools this summer. We were giving our high quality training to Addis International School, Bikolos Nur Academy, Atlas school, Hilltops academy, School of Tomorrow as well as SOS Ethiopia-Hawassa branch.

The experience was very moving as teachers express their gratitude to the training, to their profession as well as for the greater responsibly that comes with teaching.

Here are some reflections from the many we received,

“Hi Bereket, I would like to thank you. I feel refresh after i attend your training. It was so interesting and help us to think another way in our job. Tnx again and GO THINK AFRICA!!! GO CHANGE THE WORLD!!!”

Selem D.

“Dear Bereket tnxs a lot , your training was like your name for me. It was joy full as well educative. I was already left the school at the time of your training, i attended it only due to its attractiveness, remainblessed.”

Wogene Teklu

Hi Mr. Bereket ! Happy New Year. I am waiting your message. Yes, your are a man of integrity and trustworthy. Thank you for the message of great value for me and my student and colleagues. I hope you will reap unlimited reputation and mental satisfaction for your deed.

Berhanu Emiru

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