Everyone negotiates…but many of us have not learnt or been trained in  the art of negotiations! We just do it on a trial and error basis. This is where we as individuals, our organizations and even nations may pay a very high price for the lack of knowledge  and skills in negotiations. Every negotiation has its costs, be it financial, economic, social or emotional, and all of these affects productivity and performance and of course the bottom line for any organization. It is not a matter of getting the science right. Most of us think of negotiation as a purely rational exercise. One has to get the art right, as personality, emotions and strategic moves play a large role in most negotiations and can contribute to the success or failure to reach agreement.

Duration 2 days
Venue Friendship International Hotel
Cost 6,000 Birr+VAT per delegates
Class Size Limited to 24 participants

Shanta Nagendram is the founder and director of SkillFocus Consultancy ,www.skillfocus.com.myShanta, Malaysia and currently an international consultant and trainer. She has conducted training for all sectors in more than 35 countries across 5 continents. She has been appointed as the lead consultant for building capacity in negotiations and leadership training by several organisations including the Commonwealth Secretariat, European Union and Institute of International Education (IIE USA) and by several governments, companies and civil society organisations. Shanta obtained her B. Economics (Hons.) from the University of Malaya and her M.Sc. in International Relations from the London School of Economics & Political Science. She was also a Fulbright Scholar and has participated in both the Basic and Advanced Negotiations workshops at the Harvard Law School. Her expertise is in leadership, negotiations, communications, presentations, facilitation skills, conflict management, customer service & women’s empowerment.


  • To enhance awareness of the scope of negotiations within the organizational, national and global environment
  • To emphasise the significance of negotiations as a core competence for all leaders, managers and professionals in the organisation at all levels of their professional engagements
  • To understand better, the concepts, principles, process, elements and techniques of principled negotiations
  • To be more alert to the challenges, barriers and pitfalls during negotiations
  • To provide opportunities for the participants to examine their own strengths and weaknesses as negotiators, and to develop an action plan for skill-enhancement
  • To emphasise the need for effective communications, especially within the challenging dimensions of a diverse global environment
  • To upgrade negotiations skills through practice in simulation exercises
  • To provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and experiences

CONTENTS (depending on number of workshop days)

  • Personal Review and Self-assessment
  • Negotiations: Definition and Scope
  • Overview of Internal and External Negotiations
  • Factors in Negotiations – Information, Time, Ethics, Power & Culture
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Negotiating Tactics
  • Professionalism in Negotiations
  • Negotiating Strategy: Collaborative and Competitive Modes
  • Common Mistakes, Assumptions and Pitfalls
  • Negotiation Outcomes
  • Preparation Aide-Memoire and Checklist
  • Negotiations Process
  • Principled Negotiations vs. Positional Bargaining
  • Question of Trust


Workshop will comprise 30% lectures and 70% interactive methodology – activities, simulations & role plays, group discussions, presentations. Participants will be required to participate interactively daily as well as read several case studies / articles for discussions and presentations.


This workshop is designed as a skill-enhancement workshop for senior and mid-career leaders, professionals and managers. This would include those who are directly or indirectly involved in negotiations at the organisational, national or international level (whether as part of the preparation process  or actually being involved in the negotiations itself). This includes current negotiators or those who are soon to assume positions that may require them to negotiate actively. It aims to upgrade the participants’ skills in negotiations through highly interactive methodology with special focus on the current needs of professionals, leaders and managers in the organisation.