Creative Thinking: Tecno Mobile

Think Africa in collaboration with Tecno Mobile, gave one day training on creative Thinking; a very practical tool for creative communication, creativity as well as out-of-the box thinking.  The training, which was carried out in Tecno Mobile’s premises, was specifically tailored for the tech industry which demand continues creativity, collaboration and communication.

Tecno Mobile is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer. The company was started in July 2006 in Hong Kong with its first research and development centre in Shanghai, China. Tecno Mobile was founded as Tecno Telecom Limited, but later changed its name toTranssion Holdings with Tecno Mobile serving as one of its subsidiaries. Initially, Tecno focused its business on the South Asia market. However, following market research conducted in South East Asia, Africa and Latin America, the company found that Africa was the most lucrative region.[1] As a result of this, in 2008, it stopped doing business in Asia to exclusively focus on Africa. (Source: Wikipedia)