Creative Communication with Thinking Hats

Think Africa had a great time with East Africa Bottling: Coca Cola Ethiopia training on Creative Communicationimg_20160907_144333987. But why Creative Communication?

Have you ever wondered why our communication end up in argument,why our meetings go longer than planed and why we fail to see ideas from different frame of reference? It is now evident that 21st century requires individuals and companies to be create and innovate to survive. With this in mind,one of the key areas of work life that needs improvement would be our communication. Yes,our communication not only needs to be effective but also creative to turn seemingly insoluble ideas in to opportunities.Edward De Bono’s Thinking Hats will do just that and more.These hats each define a certain type of thinking. In a way,the hats will give room to all types of issues concerning our communication,i.e our emotion, logic,side effects  and benefits as well as creativity and innovation. The principle behind the ‘Six Thinking Hats’ is parallel thinking which ensures that everyone is  focused on and thinking about the same issue at the same time.This will surly save time and help us to reach to our objectives quickly with out unnecessary confrontations and misunderstandings.

Here are some of the benefits of this training:

  • Maximize productive collaboration and minimize counterproductive interaction/behavior
  • Use Parallel Thinking as a group or team to generate more, better ideas and solutions
  • Stimulate innovation by generating more and better ideas quickly
  • View problems from new and unusual angles
  • Make thorough evaluations
  • See all sides of a situation