Branding Workshop in Addis Ababa

Think Africa carried out a successful workshop on “Marketing Inspired Branding” with Alex Goslar.

The workshop with over 20 companies and more than 60 delegates presented, was insightful and created a platform to see exiting branding trends  and what the 21st C branding looks like.

Alex Goslar ,the presenter in the workshop, is founder and director of Goslar and Associates based in Bangkok. Alex has worked as a creative director and brand creator in Vienna, Frankfurt, Chicago, Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Addis Ababa, Lome’ and many other global brands.  His prominent branding work in Ethiopia is with Ethiopian Airlines.

Areas coved in the workshop:

Introducing the difference:

Introduction to a largely misunderstood commercial reality.

Some basic facts and terminology essential for successful application. What are the elements of marketing & branding?

Why dissecting the brand at the outset is so important?

Beyond the obvious recognition of brand personalities different parts of a brand have different functions This segment will explain how these brand elements relate to each other and what to consider when building a brand

What is marketing inspired branding?

The advantages of relevant insights gained through marketing analysis provides to a closely related branding program. (Including helpful charts).

Differences in marketing & branding between the 20th and the 21st century.

Exploring milestone differences and progressions that deserves consideration when introducing a new brand ( including helpful charts).

Cross border marketing & branding.

What needs to be considered before loading the containers destined for a market abroad. Over there, there is no home turf support . Customer’s habits and rituals are vaguely known.

Leadership in brand management.

Guidelines and ethical tactic for building a competitive edge. Including essential maintenance methods that help create sustainability. Developing motivation tools.