BGI Ethiopia: Service Design Thinking for optimum customer experience

BGI Ethiopia, one of the leading breweries in the country, took part in two day training delivered by Think Africa training and consulting. The training was specifically designed to meet the expectation of BGI Ethiopia and the delegates, sales coordinators from all over Ethiopia. The training covered these two major areas that will ultimately increase sales and customer satisfaction.

  1. Introduction to Service Design: Service design organizes business from the customer’s point of view. The goal is to deliver a positive customer experience at all points of interaction between a company and a customer. Some organizations have been good at this for centuries; others stink and are successful only because they have a monopoly or because the alternatives are not convenient for customers. (Taken from an Introduction to Service Design by J.Margus Klaar)

Service Design is an emerging field focused on the creation of well thought through experiences using a combination of intangible and tangible mediums. It provides numerous benefits to the end user experience when applied to various sectors. (From This is Service Design Thinking)

Benefits of Attending:

  • Gather insights on where and how to improve the customer experience
  • Use a design tool for reviewing, planning and communicating customer experiences
  • Have a holistic end-to-end view of a current customer experiences
  • Have a better understanding of how your work impacts that of your customers and your colleagues
  1. Guide to 21st C Effective Sales Coordination: It is about thinking differently , how to gain and grow sales -how to grow customers and how to really manage your sales people effectively.  It will turn some of your preconceptions on your head.
  • Improve collaboration and team spirit
  • Think about their Revise (refresh) the basics of sales and promotion
  • How to make your business lead the market
  • Learning from each other’s rich experience