Benefits of Asking Powerful Questions

quest-arch-2One of the teaching tools conveniently placed in the hands of a teacher is the questions. And yet many teachers either use it carelessly or fail to see its possibilities for promoting effective learning.

1. To stimulate students to think
2. To motivate students
3. Questions can be used effectively to arouse and hold the interest of pupils
4. To diagnose pupil difficulties
5. To discover pupil interest
6. To develop the ability to evaluate and organize materials or experiences.
7. Will students to see relationships among data and to formulate conclusions
8. To aid students relate pertinent experiences to the lesson.
9. To focus pupil attention on the points of the lesson.
10. It helps students organize their thinking about a lesson in a logical way.
11. To develop new appreciations and attitudes
12. Questions can be used to help pupils modify, clarify or expand ideas relating to appreciations and attitudes.
13. To provide drill or practice.
14. To show relationship, such as cause & effect.
15. To encourage the application of concepts.