Belayab cable Training on Service Design

Think Africa Training and Consulting delivered  a one day introductory training on Service Design to Belayab Cable manufacturing.

Belayab cable manufacturing private limited company is established in 2008 and offers one of the most complete lines of power cables, control cables and data cables from copper and aluminum cabling system solutions with over hundreds of different cabling system products.

What is Service Design?

Everyday we are active users of different kinds of services from the very second we wake up to the second we fall asleep: when we go to the office, to school, to the supermarket or even to a hospital. Very often, we have to face the fact that these services have not been designed keeping in mind the user: you! Service Design is an established and successful innovation methodology that helps generate exciting and meaningful experiences for people, like you. Service design is built upon a foundation of design thinking, and is a people-centered design process that is used by organizations to create better services. It adds value for users by understanding and improving their experiences across the various stages of a service and for service providers by optimizing their back-end operations.

Why Service Design matters?

In the past decades Innovation and Design were focused mainly on products. Today, in an economy driven by information technology and intangible goods, the service is the product. Being able to create useful and desirable services becomes the fundamental skill for companies and organizations in order to innovate.

What’s the value of Service Design?

The value of service design lies in the development of innovative solutions that didn’t exist before or in making already existing services significantly better in terms of desirability and efficiency. Service Design creates value because it consists in designing what people need and desire.

Topics Covered

During this course, you will explore and make use of the tools used by Service Design and Innovation professionals and apply them to a real challenge.

With this process you will learn:

  • the techniques used to better understand customers and uncover unique insights,
  • how increase your ability to create unique, desirable and valuable products,
  • to be able to accelerate the validation of new ideas from a user perspective,
  • a common language and process that can be used to align inter-departments to the same goals.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course you will have a better understanding of:

  • Service design theory and essential methods such as customer journey mapping
  • Gather insights on where and how to improve the customer experience
  • Use a design tool for reviewing, planning and communicating customer experiences
  • Have a holistic end-to-end view of a current customer experiences
  • Have a better understanding of how your work impacts that of your customers and your colloquies