A motivated Teacher is…

  1. Motivated teachers are interested in what they do: they look at teaching in a different way to teachers who are not motivated. You can see who they are because they talk about stuff in a different way. They look to other motivated teachers and get ideas from them. They examine what they do in the classroom and question its value without blindly following a book or sticking to the ‘one size fits all’ syllabus. They get their students to think about their learning and question why they’re in the classroom.2. Motivated teachers think about how learning can happen in different ways and experiment with different techniques and approaches. They examine what works and what doesn’t. They are not afraid to throw it all up in the air and begin again. They don’t settle for average in their work and encourage their students to do the same.

    3. Motivated teachers think about their responsibility to encourage learning and do what they can to make sure that happens. They don’t think that learning is only about remembering rules, or answering questions correctly, or filling in the gaps, or getting a good mark in the test. They understand that a strong motivational flow in their classroom produces results.

    4. Motivated teachers are keen to learn & develop and they want other teachers to feel the same way because it’s good when teachers are learning and developing. They enjoy what they do and don’t see it as just a ‘job’. To the motivated teacher, teaching is a career; it is a profession rather than a McJob and they do what they can to be good at what they do.

    5. Motivated teachers want other teachers to learn & develop, so they go to training workshops and give training workshops. They reflect on their teaching regularly and in different ways. They join social networking sites like Twitter to share their thoughts, ideas and develop from seeing what other people in their profession around the world in different environments think about teaching and do in their classrooms. They read people’s blogs and write their own.

    6. Motivated teachers try out new things with their students that they have found out about from interaction with other teachers. They look at what is current in education and look at how they can incorporate new ideas and new ways of teaching into their teaching without losing the integrity of what learning is about. They aren’t afraid to try things in their classrooms that might not work because if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

    7. Motivated teachers make the staffroom a good place to work because they talk about what they’re doing with their classes and are happy to be able to pass on a good activity / website / Web 2.0 tool that they’ve read about and are going to try out or have tried out. They want other people to be empowered and to try these things out too.

    8. Motivated teachers are interested in their students and want their students to be motivated so they do things in the classroom that will nurture that kind of philosophy. They talk to their students about why they are trying something new and what the perceived benefits will be to their learning so that their students develop an interest and a responsibility for their own learning.

    9. Motivated teachers teach more than just the syllabus. They know that the individuals in their classroom all learn in different waysand that different things will motivate them. They know that beyond what has to be learned, there are different ways to learn these things and strive to give their students opportunities to learn in the way they want to.

    10. Most importantly, motivated teachers enjoy their career and this makes them better at it, which means that, for most of the time, real learning goes on, which is varied in content and relevant to the students and incorporates a rich variety of material, methods and instruction.

Posted 9th July 2010 by paulinbcn